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Run 4 Howick Hospice

Run 4 Howick Hospice


If you are taking part in the 2019 Mandela Marathon we would love you to consider Running 4 Howick Hospice.

Run for our patients, make a difference as you enjoy a great day out running with your friends in support of the Howick Hospice.  The running is sort of a celebration, and a day of fun out with your team and the supporters.  The challenge is not the run; the challenge is to provide for our patients.

At Howick Hospice, we are always on the move looking after our patients within Howick and its surrounding communities. A good 20 square km’s.  The running is one thing; it is in gathering the resources that can be a challenge.  And we would like to ask you to help us out for this event!

Your challenge is to raise R5,000 before the start of the Mandela Marathon race on the 25th of August 2019.


With your R5,000 we can do so much for the patients


Running for a charity will give you an enormous sense of satisfaction from the knowledge that you are helping others. What’s more, the pressure of meeting a target to satisfy both the charity and your sponsors can be the ideal motivation to put in the necessary training.




For more information or to register to Run 4 Howick Hospice, please contact Meghan on 033 330 5257 or email

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