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The Midlands Camino




The Midlands Camino a 12-day walk circumnavigating the areas in which we serve. 

Midlands Hospice has launched this fundraising initiative to raise funds to renovate Hospice House, 7 Mansfield Road, Howick.

Alterations would allow us to better use the property and create a more sustainable environment for Midlands Hospice, help us to be around for another 37 plus, years. Our end goal is to open an IPU, In-Patient Unit. An IPU is very much need in the Midlands area, but this cannot be achieved without your support. Funding is at an all-time low and with close on 330 000 registered NPO’s in South Africa, we are asking benefactors to help us make a difference and offer this service to the Natal Midlands Community. Help us to reach our goal by signing up to participate in the first of its kind, Midlands Camino. Your ticket price (12 day, 4day) includes all your accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as transport of your backpacks daily (if you would like). What we ask is that you raise awareness for Midlands Hospice and ask friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances to sponsor each kilometer you walk. Midlands Hospice needs your help raising funds.


11 nights / 12 days  (April 20- May 1)? (Midlands Hospice, Howick to Midlands Hospice, Howick)  R20,000

4 nights/4 days (April 24 – April 28)? (Kamberg – iNholsane) R8,500

INCLUDING all meals, accommodation and transport

1 Day Walks

Day 1 April 20 -Midlands Hospice to Karkloof approx. 14.92km R1000

Day 2 April 21 -Karkloof to Curry’s Post approx. 22.58km R1000

Day 3 April 22 -Curry’s Post to Nottingham Road approx. 20.81km R1000

Day 4 April 23 -Nottingham Road to Rosetta approx. 17.54km R1000

Day 5 April 24 -Rosetta to Kamberg approx. 20.9km R1000

Day 6 April 25 -Kamberg to Lower Loteni approx. 27.29km R1000

Day 7 April 26 -Lower Loteni to Fort Nottingham approx. 19.06km R1000

Day 8 April 27 -Fort Nottingham to iNholsane approx. 21.03km R1000

Day 10 April 29 -iNhlosane to Mpophomeni approx. 35.41km R1000

Day 11 April 30 -Mpophomeni to Hilton approx. 25.99km R1000

Day 12 May 1 -Hilton to Howick 19km R1000

INCLUDING lunch, transport from a central meeting point to join the walk and back again.

1 Day Hike

Day 9 April 28 -iNholsane Hike approx. 6km R100

Join us for a Day Hike, meet at Mount Park Guest Farm.