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About Us

Midlands Hospice is a non-profit organisation committed to caring for the terminally ill through home-based care, education and training and bereavement support.  Hospice relies on support and financial contributions from the general public, corporate sector, and philanthropic donors.

We are a financially viable and sustainable organisation recognised in the community as an organisation worthy of support, offering a service of excellence in holistic palliative care provided by trained, compassionate staff.


Midlands Hospice offers extensive and excellent Palliative Care within Howick and its environs.


Midlands Hospice ensures access to Palliative Care Services for patients with a confirmed diagnosis of a life threatening illness and reduced life expectancy. Holistic care and support extends to patients and families through direct patient care, training, referral, and the development of Strategic partnerships within the Midlands Area.


  • We act with integrity, we put people first.
  • Our team is fully invested, we hold ourselves accountable to achieve our collective goals.

Strategic Key Objectives

  • To provide an excellent, quality Palliative Care Service.
  • To position Midlands Hospice as a recognized benchmark/leader in Palliative Care Services.
  • To ensure the sustainability of the organization.
  • To create a secure, supportive working environment through the effective recruitment, development and retention of staff and volunteers.
  • To ensure quality systems throughout which reflect the core values of the organisation.